A subscription-based audiobook retailer with over 200,000 titles to choose from. Pay a monthly fee and download a certain number of audiobooks. At the time of writing, the plans are £7.99 for one audiobook per month or £14.99 for two. Or you can opt for the plans which allow you to download the audiobooks in one go for a fixed annual sum – £69.99 for 12 books or £109.99 for 24. Great value if you purchase audiobooks regularly. logo

Another subscription-based audiobook provider. Download the app and enjoy one audiobook every month for US$14.95. If you would like more audiobooks, you can buy additional credits to use toward them.

The Book Depository logo
The Book Depository

Good selection of audiobooks at very attractive prices. Free delivery.

Amazon logo

Good prices on lots of audiobooks. Free delivery over £25.

Eason logo

Limited selection and relatively expensive. Free delivery to Ireland on orders of €10 or more.

Librivox logo

Online catalogue of free audiobooks. These books are in the public domain and read by volunteers. Being in the public domain means the copyright has expired on these works, so for the most part they are recordings of classics. is an easy way to search these works for what you’re looking for.

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Loyal Books

Another catalogue of free audiobooks online, mostly classics.

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